About MP Connect
MP Connect is an online platform for Independent Professionals looking for exciting work opportunities with entrepreneurial freedom. The platform is managed by ‘Management Partners’, a management consulting company providing consulting services across various industries to leading public and private sector entities with focus on the Middle East Region and Africa.
Our vision is to build-up a unique global community of top-tier Independent Professionals (Management Consultants and Topic Experts) working together with our inhouse team on client projects as well as on client and knowledge development activities to empower our clients to manage their future business challenges.
Our mission is to select the best available top-tier Independent Professionals and Experts to boost the MP Connect Community and to match our clients diverse project demands.

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Who we are looking for

  • Independent Professionals of different seniority levels with a minimum of 3 years of consulting experience gained either in one of the top global consulting firms, as an inhouse consultant in blue chip companies or a combination of both.
  • Independent Professionals with deep industry experience and/or special functional expertise and certifications in areas like business process modeling, organizational excellence, quality management, change management, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • All Independent Professionals should have ideally previous work experience in the Middle East region. To be fluent in English is a must, Arabic is a bonus

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What do we offer
We have a proven screening process to select carefully the best available Independent Professionals which makes our network exceptional. As a member of MP Connect, you can expect the following advantages:
  • Exciting project opportunitiesSelect the assignment on which you would like to work and get paid with competitive per diem / monthly rates

  • Entrepreneurial FreedomIdentify and exploit new client and business opportunities and get rewarded through our different bonus and revenue sharing arrangements

  • MP Connect Reward programGet rewarded for every client you are introducing to MP, for every Independent Professional you will attract to MP Connect and for your content & community contributions (articles, knowledge pieces, organizing events / workshops with Independent Professionals and clients)

  • Secured paymentGet paid on a monthly basis independent of client payments

  • Back Office SupportReceive administrative support including research, graphics and logistics as well as support for work permit/visa related matters

  • Access to KnowledgeReceive access to a library of case studies, reports, methodologies and templates and a platform to exchange your knowledge with
    the MP Connect Community

How you can contribute
The MP Connect Community offers various exciting work opportunities – projects as well as business and client development. Furthermore, you can enhance you own knowledge by supporting the MP Connect Community development.
Working on Projects
Management Partners and the MP Connect Independent Professionals will work as a homogeneous team to deliver outstanding project results to our clients. Based on your experience and your skills, we will invite you to work on available projects.
Develop Proposals
Cooperate to generate winning proposals by providing expert knowledge on project approaches, methodologies, case studies or insights through expert interviews.
Client Development
Cooperate to exploit new business opportunities by identification of business opportunities within existing clients and / or prospects, by introducing Management Partners to clients and by developing relevant documents (starters, approaches, methodologies).
Extend the MP Connect Community
Recommend and invite other Independent Professionals to join the MP Connect Community. In case of a successful application, get rewarded through our different bonus arrangements.
Grow the MP Connect Community
Support us in organizing social events - to cultivate the MP Connect Community - and in organizing business dinners by preparing the respective topic presentations, volunteering as speaker, selection of participants.
Enhance the Knowledge of the MP Connect Community
Contribute to our marketing or professional development activities by writing articles, white papers, delivering a webinar for other Independent Professionals, preparing training sessions on selected topics or deliver other knowledge pieces (e.g. insights in specific markets).

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